A little information . . .

All that matters is the photos, but here is a little information about me and the gallery.

My name is Robert Haspel, I am a long time (that is to say, old) photographer. Since ending my commercial career in photography, my interest in photography had waned. My early explorations into digital, were far from satisfying. However, that changed as digital cameras became more affordable, as well as more capable.

Of course I suffered digital growing pains . . . like learning digital terminology, and struggling to gain a modest ability with Photoshop. However, even my limited knowledge of digital processing has me enjoying photography as never before. Digital is awesome!

Anyway . . . we recently moved to Fort Davis, where I have open my gallery to showcase my work. I remodeled a metal building, seen here in the process of conversion. The finished effort is  on the home page.

I use the term ‘somewhat different‘ to describe my work or as a title for the few shows I do outside my gallery. The term seems appropriate because my subject matter and style vary widely. Anything that attracts my interest is fair game, and the goal is simply to make an attractive image.  No stories or messages are intended.             

Basically, my goal is to produce images that I find personally pleasing, and my hope is that some of the fun I experience making them is evident to viewers, and that they too find them enjoyable.